What we do at Dog Walking Melbourne

The most common question we hear at Dog Walking Melbourne is “Why is it so important to walk or socialise my dog?” Many dog owners are so busy. It’s hard enough to fit in feeding let alone exercise, walking and socialisation.

Without a daily walk and play, dogs can become anxious and are prone to developing behavioural problems. Exercise and socialisation play a vital role in the health of your dog! Too many dogs are overweight and bored. In the wild, dogs roam for miles every day, often together and that natural instinct is still present in all dogs — even yours.

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Through regular walking and playing many behavioural issues can begin to be resolved, including barking and digging. Regular exercise will keep your dog fitter, healthier and happier. Your dog may crave play with other dogs; socialisation during the day can help satisfy a bored pooch!

Dog Walking Melbourne is the answer to balancing your busy lifestyle and the fun and fitness needs of your dog.

Dog Walking

  • We will come to your house to meet you and your dog. During this first consultation we will discuss a schedule which is best suited to you. This initial consultation is free.
  • We can walk or run your dog off-lead or on-lead. In a group or solo, depending on their needs!
  • We offer small group socialisation, play and off-lead activities in most areas, for the social hound!
  • We offer 30 or 40 minute walks/runs.
  • We will walk more than one dog per household.
  • We will walk your dog in local dog friendly environments, including parklands, creeks, ovals and fenced in dog parks.

About Your Dog Walker

  • Fully Insured for public liability
  • Pet First Aid Trained / Registered Nurse
  • Police Checks provided on request
  • References and testimonials provided on request
  • Ongoing professional development courses with Gentle Dog Trainers Association and other organisations.

See our ‘How Much’ page for our dog walking prices.