Dog Walking Melbourne
Pet Safety & Security Policies

We know how important it is that you are comfortable with us looking after your pets, so we invite you to read over our Security and Safety policies.

Security Policy

  • We are fully insured with public liability insurance
  • We hold current police checks
  • We abide and are guided by the National Privacy Laws, we will protect all personal information; there is no disclosure of this information to any third party.
  • In order to gain access to your property you will need to provide us with a key. You may leave your key with us or it can be returned after we have finished walking or minding your pet.
  • Your personal details and security information are kept separately to your keys. Only those employed by Dog Walking Melbourne will have access to either your keys or your personal information.
  • Your keys carry no identifying details.
  • We will always conduct a brief security check before leaving your property.
  • We must be confident that your property has appropriate security.
  • Before we walk your pet both client and carer must sign a terms and conditions form.

Animal Safety Policy

Dog Walking Melbourne’s Kaitlyn undertaking her pet first aid training
  • At our first meeting with you and your pet, you will be asked to provide some brief details regarding the health of your pet, and any details you feel are of importance to us whilst caring for your pet. These will be kept with us at all times.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency we will have these details on hand. These will include your personal emergency contacts and those of your chosen vet.
  • We are pet first aid trained and always carry a pet first aid kit and mobile phone.
  • At our first meeting with you we will discuss your preferred way to walk your dog. Whilst we will always use your preferred method i.e. harness/collar/gentle leader/halti. Please note that we do not use choker chains.
  • We will only walk your dogs on lead in the streets and when off lead this will always be in designated, secure off lead areas.
  • All dogs must have a form of identification on at ALL times. An engraved or council tag is preferred.
  • We require ALL dogs to be registered with their local council. We would also recommend strongly that ALL dogs are micro chipped.
  • We will check and ensure all dogs are up to date with vaccinations prior to joining group walks.
  • Fresh water is always available for your pets. This will be provided during transportation and also with portable water bottles/ bowls during walks.
  • Our transportation vans are air conditioned, and when being transported your pets will always be safely secured with a correctly fitted harness.
  • When dogs are in our care they will never be left on their own or with anyone not employed by us.
  • We only use positive reinforcement training, and will always check with you first to establish how your dog has been trained in the past.
  • We will walk your dog in all weather that your dog is used to and comfortable with. However NOT during thunderstorms and NOT in extreme heat. We will contact you if we are unable to walk your dog for the aforementioned reasons.
  • In addition to phone and first aid kit; we also carry poo-bags, towels, spare leads, long training leads, collars, and doggy toys and treats.